Today's Classic Espresso - Brazilian / Colombian Roasted Espresso Coffee Beans (Natural)

Today's Classic Espresso - Brazilian / Colombian Roasted Espresso Coffee Beans (Natural)

  • Tasting Notes:

      Coffee with chocolate notes, fruit, nuts, and toasted sugar.

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    Available in 340g (makes roughly 34 cups) or 2.2kg Bags. 


    Seasonal Brazil based espresso blend, built to highlight a morning ritual but also to remind us that everyday can indeed be special.

    This is a darker, more chocolatey offering without sacrificing any quality.

    We have cycled through a lot of different blend iterations based on years of market research and customer feedback at our espresso bar. In Today Special’s blend development, we found that mixing the heaviness of a natural processed Brazil with the cleanliness of a balanced washed Colombia was something that appealed to almost everyone and could also be served in any way (single espresso, cortado, etc.).

    We wanted to offer something that would satisfy both seasoned espresso drinkers, and the younger crowd looking for high quality offerings, alike.


    We ship every Monday morning, so if you get your order in by Friday you'll receive it the following week. Batch orders then roast, pack and ship Friday to Sunday, mail out Monday morning to ensure freshness.

    Quebec: Coffee will be delivered 1-2 business days after it's shipped on Monday.

    Ontario: Coffee will be delivered 2-3 business days after it's shipped on Monday.

    Rest of Canada:  Coffee will be delivered 3-4 business days after it's shipped on Monday.

    For more information, check our shipping policy page.


    Q: What is the brew method for this coffee?

    A: We don’t think it makes a good pour over. Unless you’re looking for something that will be good for your dad or grandpa, in which case, who cares about the brewing recipe? They won’t listen to you and are gonna do whatever the hell they want anyway. Boomers!

    For espresso, this is built to be a 1:2 coffee to water ratio, like 18 grams of ground coffee for a 36 grams extraction, brewed for 30 seconds, at 92C/198F. This is the most traditional espresso offering we’ve got.

    Q: What are the ratios of the blend components?

    A: It’s 75% natural Brazil and 25% washed Colombia.

    Q: Is milk good with this coffee?

    A: Yes, this blend was built for milk. You can drown this coffee in milk and it will taste great.

    Q: Is this a dark roast?

    A: Technically, yes, this is a dark roast. It’s probably as dark as we’re going to get. It’s meant to appeal to those craving darkness in the morning.

    Q: Is this good for espresso?

    A: Yes!

    Origin Brazil + Colombia
    Roast Dark
    Altitude 936-982 masl (Brazil), 1800-2200 masl (Colombia)
    Process Washed (Columbia) + Natural (Brazil)
    Fragrance (dry) Berries, cinnamon
    Aroma (with hot water) Baking spice, berry jam
    Acidity Medium-Low
    Body High
    Flavour Chocolate, fruit, nuts, syrupy body
    Sweetness Nutty, Toasty, Round
    Balance High
    Aftertaste Oats, heavy, round, chocolate, roasty
    Overall Cupping Score  86


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