Neon Blend - Sci-Fi Coffee For the Future

Neon Blend - Sci-Fi Coffee For the Future

  • Tasting Notes:

      Like being abducted by aliens.

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    Available in 340g (makes roughly 34 cups) or 2.2kg Bags. 


    Untraditional flavor combinations and styles can be disastrous in the hands of anyone other than master coffee roasters and experts. Fortunately, Tunnel Espresso has just the specialists to get the job done and blow your mind.

    The Neon Blend is a place we’re building for coffee people to explore and experiment. We’re bringing Tunnel customers along for the ride. The vision for Neon is to build very different experiences of coffee via flavor combinations that are un-traditional and unorthodox. We want to create the equivalent of a “Chef’s Tasting Plate” for coffee blends. It’s for those who want to give up control and trust that “the chef” knows best.

    The components will change and alongside those changes we’ll keep a running tally of what we go through. The aim is to provide chaos in a cup. Confused and delighted senses. We want to see what’s possible by doing things that have absolutely no rhyme or reason.

    Stay away from this blend if you’re not looking to have a loud experience in the morning. Stay away if anything like “classic or traditional” are words that you typically look for in a coffee.

    Buy this bag if you want to find flavor lasers in your mouth. A sci-fi version of coffee for the future. These blend iterations are ones you won’t find at any other coffee company. They have never been blended together. Join us on our exploration of the next frontier of coffee.


    We ship every Monday morning, so if you get your order in by Friday you'll receive it the following week. Batch orders then roast, pack and ship Friday to Sunday, mail out Monday morning to ensure freshness.

    Quebec: Coffee will be delivered 1-2 business days after it's shipped on Monday.

    Ontario: Coffee will be delivered 2-3 business days after it's shipped on Monday.

    Rest of Canada:  Coffee will be delivered 3-4 business days after it's shipped on Monday.

    For more information, check our shipping policy page.


    Q: How do I brew this?

    A: We don’t have any instructions for this blend. This coffee is good brewed by anything, do whatever you want. This blend was built for you to take in any fucking direction you want. To give it any brewing recommendations would tarnish the vision for this coffee.

    Q: Why did you make this?

    A: It’s a creative outlet for us. We wanted to discover new flavors that other people are too scared to explore.

    Q: What is in this blend?

    A: It’s going to change often. Write to us to find out what the current version is, you’ll probably be surprised and find it ridiculous.

    Q: Does it really taste like lasers?

    A: If you pull it fast enough, yes it does.

    Q: Is this espresso?

    A: Yes!

    Origin Everywhere. Always.
    Roast Yes.
    Altitude Definitely vertical.
    Process There is no process. Just creativity.
    Fragrance (dry) The scent of androids dreaming of electric sheep.
    Aroma (with hot water) Same as above.
    Acidity Like tears, in the rain.
    Body A temporary vessel.
    Flavour It will blow. Your. Mind.
    Sweetness There is no sin.
    Balance Vibrant.
    Aftertaste Fun!
    Overall Cupping Score Infinity + 1


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