Bouquet - Ethiopian Roasted Espresso Coffee Beans (Washed)

Bouquet - Ethiopian Roasted Espresso Coffee Beans (Washed)

  • Tasting Notes:

      Orange and grapefruit with a caramel-like sweetness in the finish.

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    Available in 340g (makes roughly 34 cups) or 2.2kg Bags. 


    Light bodied with bright fruit notes. This seasonal coffee comes from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia and carries with it the potential to heighten a regular morning coffee into the realm of dessert. Bursting with large notes of citrus and a caramel finish.

    This coffee is a juicy orange and grapefruit bomb, with bright red berry notes, and a caramel-like sweetness in the finish.

    It is a coffee that can do it all as a washed Ethiopia offering: when pulled as an espresso, it’s one of our favourite espressos because it gives a really high citrus punch (like a glass of OJ).

    When brewed as a filter coffee, it expresses its complexity to the fullest. Yirgacheffe is home to the most sought-after and complex cup profiles Ethiopia has to offer. Typical coffee from this zone has a bright citric acidity, combined with floral and spicy elements, and an array of fruit flavors. It is a layered and complex cup.


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    Q: How do I brew this?

    A: This coffee is built to be a beautiful, juicy pour over, or Mokkapot. For a pour over, use 1 gram of coffee for every 16 grams of water for a 4 minute brew time, at a water temperature of 96C/205F.

    For Mokkapot, we recommend 20 grams of beans, ground for between an espresso and filter setting, and brewed with between 120-140 grams of water. For espresso*, we recommend 18-19 grams of ground coffee, yielding a 40-45 grams shot, extracted between 25-30 seconds, at a temperature of 89C/192F.

    *If you have high quality espresso equipment.

    Q: What kind of roast is this?

    A: It’s a light roast that is meant to highlight light, bright notes. It will be tea-like in body and is made more for the people who appreciate the lighter, finer things in life.

    Q: Does it actually taste like the bag’s photo?

    A: Yes, especially the big peach note.

    Q: Is this espresso?

    A: Yes!

    Origin Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe
    Roast Light-Medium
    Altitude 1900 masl
    Process Washed
    Fragrance (dry) Citrus fruits, floral
    Aroma (with hot water) Citrus fruit jams
    Acidity High
    Body Light
    Flavour Orange, Grapefruit, Red Berries
    Sweetness Caramel
    Balance Well balanced
    Aftertaste Caramel
    Overall Cupping Score 87


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