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We approach wholesale differently than most in that we focus on creating original bag concepts that aim to excite the targeted audience. While each bag is designed with the coffee’s flavor profile at its core, we separate ourselves from the competition by collaborating closely with our clients to execute a concept that represents their branding. The coffees we offer are exclusive and offer new flavors. Contact us if we’ve piqued your interest, or if you're interested in carrying the Tunnel brand: tunnelespresso@gmail.com.

Here are some examples of our recent collabs:

Myriade. We’re working with local powerhouse Cafe Myriade to create standout flagship offerings for a clientele that has been spoiled with a multitude of options throughout the years over at Cafe Myriade. Our goal is to express, loudly, that these coffees are exciting, fruit-forward, and expressive. Just like what Myriade customers have come to expect everyday at this cafe.

TimeOut. The goal for this offering was to create a seasonal, summery, fun, juicy cold brew for the incredibly discerning palates of TimeOut patrons. TimeOut wanted a summer offering that could highlight Montreal’s local artisan food scene, and we believe this Ethiopian cold brew accomplished just that.

Crescent Moon. We built Crescent Moon blend together with Katie, a local Airbnb operator, who wants to offer her guests a curated coffee experience that pairs with her cosy cottage retreats. The result is this 50% Brazil, 50% Colombia blend that envelops the palate like a warm blanket in front of a fireplace.

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