Our Response to Covid-19

As a small business, it was a difficult decision to make, but to protect our beautiful community and our staff, we have decided to close our in person cafe until we can safely re-open without putting our customers and employees at risk. Stay safe, stay healthy, and we can’t wait to be back underground serving you in person, Montreal. In the meantime, we are still sourcing and roasting coffee with safety and sanitization measures fully in place. We're actively fulfilling online orders while ensuring every precaution is taken so that our customers receive their coffee quickly and safely.

For the safety and wellbeing of our team, customers, and service providers we’ve implemented the following measures, which are in line with the government’s Covid-19 guidelines.

Essential team members:

Until government guidelines state otherwise, only essential team members are working onsite for tasks requiring onsite presence. Whenever possible, our team members are working remotely.

Our team strictly adheres to the government guidelines of wearing face coverings and hand sanitizing when using public transport. Whenever feasible, we’ve taken into account our essential team members’ travel distance and means of transportation.

Social distancing: 

We’ve applied distance markings on the floor and walls for the team to abide by. 

Communal spaces are restricted to rotational use only. We’ve created extra and outdoor eating and lounge areas, which are available for team members to rest and relax in during their breaks while observing social distancing.    

Currently, no gatherings are permitted. We conduct outdoor and remote meetings. 

Strict sanitizing policy:  

Notifications are placed throughout the building to remind team members to wash and/or sanitize their hands upon arrival, between tasks, and at regular times throughout the day.   

Task rotation involving equipment has been minimized. All shared equipment is cleaned, wiped down, and sanitized both before and after each use.

COVID-19 Risk assessment: 
  • A risk assessment is carried out on a monthly basis. This includes: 
    • Regular team assessment and isolation of suspected exposure or symptoms. 
    • Constantly monitoring systems and protocol to ensure relevance and efficacy. 
    • Cleaning checks and measures to ensure the highest level of hygiene is maintained throughout the roastery.
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