About Tunnel Espresso Montreal

We operate in a world-class, modern roasting society. Our machinery is well-maintained and we consider it to be the best of the options out there. We like the Chef’s adage “the sharper the knife, the less you cry” and see our machinery as our knife. Since we take what we do seriously, our roastery is immaculate: well-maintained, sparkling clean, and nice to be in. It is a place for coffee professionals to hone their craft; a house where inspiration and ideas are brought to life. From our house, we are proud to present the fruits of our labor to you, either in-person or online.

The People

Andy: Andy works on roasting production and product development. He thinks most coffee is terrible and would like to provide people with better options as a personal goal.

Tomas: Fulfillment expert, Philosophy major. He takes raw material that has been ordered and turns pieces of a puzzle into artwork for your consuming pleasure.

Jenna: Backend wizard, she translates orders into pieces of tasty reality.

Vass: Mystical hospitality ninja. He moves in the shadows and in the light but only when necessary. You only see what is needed, you feel the rest and that feeling is warmth handed to you by warmth

Melanie: Green coffee sourcing force of nature. Melanie has travelled the planet in search of unique flavors and coffees from the future. We are proud to call her our green coffee guru.

The Mission

To raise the coffee bar higher for everyone. By this we mean giving people access to really good, really high-end coffee in a way that is very accessible.

The Story

When we opened Tunnel Espresso Bar seven years ago, the idea was to offer busy downtown professionals a better coffee experience. In a new home office geared world, our aim is to continue serving our original vision to this new model of office. We are now providing access to the same high quality service, information, and coffee options online as we have been at Tunnel all these years.

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