How Coffee Professionals Approach Home Office Coffee: A Series - Part 1

Part I: How to Turn Your Freezer Into the Coffee Equivalent of a Wine Cellar

We are coming to terms with the reality that our homes are going to continue being our offices into the foreseeable future. COVID has shattered the ritualistic coffee routines of professionals around the world, leaving some of us to build new coffee consumption methods and environments. Some of us have been doing this for years, as freelancers and creatives, while the majority of us have been drinking our coffee at the office for free, or at the convenient boutique coffee shop nearby / en route.

Making Good Coffee While Working From Home

One major advantage to WFH? You no longer have to put up with shitty coffee. Although free coffee is a tough offer to beat (Why would anyone bother to pay $5 for a fancy latte when Doug from Accounting made a pot of gasoline on the Mr. Coffee in the kitchenette, which essentially has the same effect?), now that you’re not beholden to the office budget, you can now treat coffee with the importance it deserves, as your brain and body’s fuel. Now that you’re free to explore, you may have already found that there’s a whole world of flavor out there to uncover. 

You can now treat coffee with the importance it deserves, as your brain and body’s fuel.

One bad thing about this is you have to contribute a few brain calories into trying to figure out what to do with your WFH battle station. But fear not. We, your local internet coffee professionals, are here to help. 

Now that you’re not tied to Doug’s rocket fuel or the fancy local boutique cafe, there are other (more fun) questions that have come into play since you’re now in control of your own coffee destiny: “What equipment should I buy?”, “Do I buy a variety of different coffees, or one at a time?”, “What does ‘dialling in’ mean?”, “Who is Tim Wendelboe and what does he have to do with anything?”

This is the first in a series of posts about how coffee professionals drink coffee at home so that anyone can adjust their routine or home setup to make coffee bar quality drinks. This time around we’re discussing freezing coffee so you can have the equivalent of a wine cellar array of coffee available at all times, all from your humble freezer.

Freezing Coffee

You can have the equivalent of a wine cellar array of coffee available at all times, all from your humble freezer.

Below are some rapid fire, most frequently asked questions we’ve gotten over the years about freezing coffee:

1: Doesn’t freezing coffee impart freezer burn flavors?

  • No it doesn’t, as long as you have a proper storage container.

2: Is any type of coffee packaging okay for freezing?

  • No, a good freezer coffee container keeps moisture in / out of the coffee. This means paper / plastic bags don’t work unless there is also a Mylar insert (the shiny metal looking layer lining some coffee bags).

3: Are there any limitations to freezing coffee?

  • Not really, just freezer space.

4: Does coffee flavor change over time while frozen?

  • Not really, no.

5: Can you grind coffee while it’s frozen?

  • Yes. In fact, shattering the coffee while frozen helps create less fines and more uniform / clean flavors.

6: Why do you know so much about frozen coffee?

  • It’s simply what we DO.

7: Are there other benefits to freezing coffee?

  • Yes, you can keep multiple coffee options and flavors at their peak without worrying about the aging process, or coffee wastage.

Freezing coffee is an easy and effective way to maintain a coffee’s quality and one of the biggest benefits to doing it is that you can build as big of an inventory as you want so that you’re not stuck with the same option everyday. As with anything, there’s a spectrum of how obsessively detailed your approach can get. That's why we asked an Astrophysicist named Jonathan Gagnon to help us out and tell us how he has finessed his home coffee cellar. For those of you wanting to go beyond these coffee freezing basics, stay tuned for this future post.

Next Time: How Much Coffee Do You Have Per Day?

In our next “How Coffee Professionals Approach Home Office Coffee” post, we’ll be answering another FAQ: “How many coffees do you have per day?” We’ll be surveying our other coffee pro friends with this question and will share their hot takes with you.



That's it! Feel free to e-mail us your questions, concerns, comments, feelings etc. we are here to help.

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